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Advisor Application

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To ensure your privacy, the advisor application information is kept confidential.  Also, be advised that all applications will go through a thorough background check, which could include a criminal check as well as fingerprinting.

Also, please provide us with a letter of recommendation from either your pastor or an elder in your church. 

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Full legal name:

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Please list any other names you have used and the dates if any were legally changed. (marriage, etc.) Please type n/a if not applicable.

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Personal Background

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What is your highest level of education? (High School Diploma, GED; Associate's Degree; Bachelor's Degree, Doctorate)

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Have you ever been accused or arrested for anything other than a traffic violation?

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If yes, please explain. (N/A if not applicable).

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Please include a short salvation testimony:


If filling this application out for a position other than advisor, please fill in:


Please tell me why you would be good for this position:

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As a teacher of HPHE, I will not teach any other doctrine that conflicts with the Statement of Faith. Though my personal beliefs and convictions may differ from this statement, I will agree to comply.

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Please read through the document in the link below as this important statement contains Biblical values we adhere to as a Christian organization. Nashville Statement

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I acknowlege I have read this statement.
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