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Welcome to High Point Home Educators

The purpose and mission of HPHE is to provide support, guidance, encouragement and educational opportunities according to Biblical principles and ideals for home educating families in the Triad area of North Carolina.

Grounded in solid Christian principles, HPHE welcomes all High Point and Triad area home educators. More than field trips, more than park days, more than mom’s nights out–HPHE is all of these things, plus the kind of support and encouragement that assists you in your family’s unique home education journey.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. -Proverbs 3:5-6

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Fall '24 LIFE Classes are Registering this Summer!

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Fall 2024 Class Schedule

Current Openings - High School

Math Classes: 9-12 Geometry; 9-12 Algebra 1 & 9-12 Algebra 2

Science: 9-12 Biology w/Lab (90-min.) and 8-12 Physical Science; Stem Class: 9-12 Stem Model Making; History: 9-12 History thru Literature: Victorian England (Great Expectations); Music: 6-12 Bucket Drumming; Art: 7-12 Sketch and 8-12 Pencil Marks & Brush Strokes (90 min).; Bible: 7-12 Worldview; and 6-12 Got Questions?

Foreign Language: 9-12 Spanish 1 & 9-12 Spanish 2; American Sign Language (ASL): 7-12 Beginner ASL and 9-12 ASL Immersion; High School Electives: 9-12 Psychology; 9-12 Yearbook; 9-12 Constitutional Rights & Responsibilities; 8-12 Drama Class; 9-12 Building Old Testament History w/Legos;  and 7-12 Hand Sewing.

Current Openings - Middle School

Math: 6-8 Pre-Algebra; Bible: 6-12 Got Questions? and 6-8 We Saved You a Seat Girl’s Bible Study; Foreign Language: 6-8 Spanish 101

Geography: 6-8 Geography of Asia; Science: 6-8 Creative Science Literature/Language Arts: 6-8 A Wrinkle in Time Book Club American Sign Language: 6-8 ASL 2 and 7-12 Beginner ASL; Art: 7-12 Sketch; Music: 6-12 Bucket Drumming; Hands-On Electives: 7-12 Hand Sewing; and 6-8 Building Old Testament History w/Legos.

Current Openings - Elementary Ages

Art: K-2 Art; 4-6 Sculpting class, and 4-6 Elements of Art Music: K-2 General Music; 3-6 Recorder; 2-3 & 4-6 Boomwhackers classes;

and Intro to Violin (grades 1-5); Phys. Ed.: K-2 P.E.class; Foreign Language: 3-5 Hola Spanish

Language Arts: K-2 Dr. Seuss on the Loose; 4-5 Mixed up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler Book Club; and 2-3 Mr. Popper’s Penguins book club History: 4-6 North Carolina History; Science: 3-5 & 4-5 Zoology classes; 4-5 Crazy Kid Concoctions; Bible: 3-5 Apologetics-Cold Case Christianity for Kids; Hands-On/Performance Electives: K-2 Building Old Testament Bible History w/Legos; 4-6 Hand Sewing; and 3-6 Ballet.

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Co-op Membership is Required Prior to Sign Up for LIFE Classes.

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Dates to Remember

Fall '24 Semester

August 12 - Orientation (1 to 3 p.m.)

August 19 - First Day of Fall Classes

Sept. 2 Labor Day (No Classes)

Oct. 7Advisors’ Meeting

Nov. 25Last Day of Fall Classes                                                             

Dec. 2 – Inclement weather date

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NC DOA: Division of Non-Public Education

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